Pay Your Season Membership Dues

Membership dues and all game match fees are to be paid via PayPal. You will not be selected for any team if you have not paid your dues.

Full Membership

$375 per year

Viewers Membership

$50 per year

Student Membership

$200 per year

Please contact us if you believe you qualify.

Marin Cricket Club is a not-profit organization and all the executive committee members are volunteers.

The membership dues keep the club running and pay for:

  • - Cricket Balls
  • - Outfield maintenance
  • - NCCA dues for league teams
  • - 2 Practice Nets maintenance
  • - Lawn Mower maintenance
  • - Ground Rental from the City of Larskpur
  • - Center Wicket maintenance (replaced every 5 years or so)
  • - Other Miscellaneous Costs like accounting, trophies, stumps, bails, fencing etc...

Download the PayPal app onto your phone for your convenience.

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